SCHEMBERKIN is the artistic collaboration between Silvia De Giorgi and Lara Domeneghetti. Originally from Northern Italy, they both live and study in London, UK.

Coming from a formation in both fine art and craft & design, their practice is a combination of their respective technical skills and fluctuates between painting, sculpture, drawing and photography, often resulting in complex and challenging working procedures.

Their collaboration originated from their shared interest in the rich folk heritage of their native region in the Italian Alps and their fascination for anthropology of religion, archaeology and natural history. Their research is concerned with the narrative language of myths and traditions, and often references the relationship between humans and animals. Reflecting on the idea of a modern world in constant flux and change, their work often juxtaposes recent scientific theories on biological evolution with the encrypted meanings of myths and rites connected to shape-shifting, metamorphosis and transformation. By referring to the human ability to adapt to the changing needs and ever-shifting environments delineated in myths and stories of the past they aim to interrogate how these notions might be read and interpreted in the world of today.

*Schemberkin is the playful connection of two words in the artist's respective native dialects – Schember denoting the swiss pine (pinus cembra) and Kin describing a girl or young woman