SCHEMBERKIN is the collaboration between Silvia De Giorgi and Lara Domeneghetti, which began in 2012. Originally from Northern Italy, they both studied Art in Italy and Western Germany. They now live and study in London, UK.

The duo’s artwork fluctuates between painting, sculpture and drawing and photography. Their practice is an exploration of their respective technical skills, which are often merged into complex and challenging working procedures. Their projects are strongly informed by thoughts from anthropology of religion and the study of natural history.  The intricate designs, patterns and forms found in the natural world are a constant source of inspiration. Drawing and photography are important ways of capturing and analysing these observations, which are taken from real life or documentations.

*Schemberkin is the playful connection of two words in the artist's respective native dialects – Schember denoting the swiss pine (pinus cembra) and Kin describing a girl or young woman.